Komorebi helps you generate more sales by promoting your brand in stores, protecting your brand in the market and building relationships with your consumers

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We know your challenges:

  • Failing to talk and stand out in the store.
  • Finding it difficult to listen to and connect with your consumers.
  • Having limited ability to understand who your real consumers are.
  • Lacking means to take good care of your consumers and in a timely manner.


We promote your brand digitally to consumers, in stores

Put on your products our tags and an unparalleled branding experience can be accessed by your consumers. But it’s just the beginning.

Behind the tag is a powerful platform we developed for you to grow your brand

Build CRM, collect consumer data and demographics, understand distribution reach, run promotions, establish loyalty programs, manage warranties, communicate directly with consumers, and more. We present endless possibilities for a better branding for you.


...and Komorebi works for many industries too

Food, Beverages, Cosmetics, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals... You name it. Komorebi has different ways to serve your specific needs

Content or ingredients
Warranty activation
Up-sells & Cross-sells
Corporate Social Responsibility messages
Promotion & Loyalty programs
Customer care

Komorebi prepares you for the future

We design this state-of-the-art platform based on irreversible trends in the market


Consumers look for info on mobile while in stores

Consumers prefer content to ads

Consumers believe organizations that provide branded content are interested in building good relationships with them

All in all, Komorebi adds to your physical products the entire digital dimension, bringing all pieces of communication, CRM, market research and services together in one place closer to consumers. More engaging yet cost-effective

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Improve your branding
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Direct marketing and sales with consumers’ demographic
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Improve your quality via consumers’ feedback
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Embark on innovation based on consumers suggestions
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Evaluate your supply chain reach

Let’s get started

Let us know your needs and we will help you discover how Komorebi can help you achieve your targets.
Please contact us at for more details.

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