Komorebi for Consumers

    • Connecting the physical and digital worlds!

    • Tired of irrelevant ads and lack of information?

    • With Komorebi organization deliver you an unparalleled experience and services you deserve

    • With Komorebi, organizations can provide you with just what you need. Bringing to you essential details you should know and experience you deserve, all with no hustle.

    • Seek information about an item and organization

      Evaluate the authenticity of product and company

      Ensure the organization is held accountable and responsible

      Rate an item, company and even the information presented

      Share item information with your relatives, or friends

      Have the chance to be rewarded and join in loyalty programs

    • Komorebi enables bringing different items to life with interactive media in your own language

    • Tourist information and guidance
      Events' information & Alerts
      Directions to relevant locations
      Warranties & Manuals
      Certificates for safety and quality
      Experts' advise and exclusive content

    • Komorebi allows organizations to deliver to you your well-deserved promotions, support, loyalty and warranty programs

    • You can also use social media to voice your needs and concerns via Komorebi without all the hassle of phone calls or emails

    • HCMC Museum of History

    • The Ho Chi Minh City Museum of History provides you with an engaging visiting experience. Enjoy stories behind echibits and artifacts with audio guides, videos, maps, and so on.

    • Ao Dai Festival

    • The event organizers used Komorebi to provide an up-to-date information and important notifications on the event through a code attached to the ticket. Ticket recipients, once the code was scanned could opt to receive updates before and throughout the event, potentially even post event if they choose to.

    • Anbooks social books!

    • Anbooks is a publisher that provides content beyond the book being bought in store. Anbooks shares and alerts readers on additional relevant content available online and offline as well of events that are related to the books, be it a business event in the context of a business book or reading time event for a children book.

    • Qui Phuc

    • Qui Phuc produces furnitures and provides warranties to their consumer base through Komorebi. This allows them also to understand their target customers better and to provide follow up and trade-in deals to their buyers and understand their supply chain better.

    • My Linh

    • My Linh is a Vietnamese Diva that uses Komorebi to connect with all the people who bought her original CD or Vinyl and join a selected members' club. My Linh provides discounts to her shows to those people and is able to exclusively share with them private recording and messages.

    • Ruou Phu Le

    • Ruou Phu Le is a Vietnamese spirits brand. Ruou Phu Le used Komorebi for on-site product activation campaign during a trade show, where consumers who scanned the code were awarded with instant prizes.

    • All you need is a QR scanning ability on your phone. Most QR scanning apps would be able to recognize and launch our product pages, including Google Chrome, iOS 11 camera and popular communication apps such as Facebook, Viber, WeChat and Zalo

    • What do I need to use Komorebi?

    • Using Komorebi is very simple. All you need to have access to is a QR reader enabled App on your smartphone and an internet connection. Nowadays, many Social Networking Apps have a QR reader embedded. For example, on Facebook, you can either search for it by typing QR in the search box or be presented with a QR icon in it to engage your camera and scan a code. WeChat has an option to scan a QR code as well in the Discover tab. Google Chrome (on iOS) has a QR reader as part of the keyboard while you click on the search field. iOS 11 camera App has an embedded QR reader function as well.

      Just point to a QR code, scan and open the link.
      Alternatively, you can go to www.komorebi-insight.com and log in from there.

    • Why I have been asked to log in?

    • Logging in enables you to report issues and provide feedback directly to the brand or organization in order for them to provide you with a better customer service and be able to improve their product and services. If you decide to follow the brand or organization, or an item this will also allow them to send you customized and personalized communication per your request, which you can always revoke.

      In addition, by logging in you can access all your previous scans and manage your previous purchases and warranties in one place, as well as having the ability to share items information through social networks if you desire.

    • What information do you receive from Facebook and Google about me?

    • Both Facebook and Google are working as a convenient handshake mechanism only to identify that you are the same user as last time. We can only receive your id you are logging in with, your name and your image. Nothing more!

    • Why at times am I being asked to provide additional information about myself?

    • Organizations that provide content to you through Komorebi may request specific information depending on your actions. For example, it is customary when registering a purchase in order to be eligible for warranty to provide your full address and contact details, therefore a company may request this. Other organizations may ask for information in order to understand better their audience and improve their products or services, where in that case the information collected is anonymous to them. Each organization may require different pieces of information and it is up to you to decide what and whether you would like to provide such information or not.

    • How do I turn notifications and announcements from organizations off?

    • There are several ways you can easily control whether or not to receive announcements and notifications. Notifications are usually on items so if remove a ‘favourite’ status from an item you would no longer receive notifications on it. Just access your History and then Favourite through the menu to access this function. You also have a ability to control each company through the menu by accessing ‘Terms and Privacy’ and the ‘Privacy settings’. There you can decide which companies can send you what sort of information. Disabling it there will also remove favourite status for items of that organization. Please note that in case you report and issue or provide feedback your name will be presented to to the organization.

    • Why do I need to set up communication using Facebook Messenger and/or email?

    • Komorebi offers you several ways where you could receive responses to issues and feedback you have provided, receive warranties, be notified of product related updates, and be provided with announcements per your request. Currently supported are Facebook Messenger and email. This also serves as a channel to confirm and activate your initial login credentials.

    • We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our consumer and audiences; this policy sets out how we will treat your personal information.

      Please click here to see our privacy policy.

    • KOMOREBI (木漏れ日) is a Japanese word which meaning is “the light that filters through the trees”. It was chosen for its meaning and as it is easily pronounced in most languages. It sits nicely with the spirit of the product which aims to bring insights to organizations on one hand and consumers on the other.

    • Komorebi is developed by Wedidit Solutions Ltd., which was established in 2015 to help provide communications channels between organizations and their audience.

    • Organization name: Wedidit Solutions Co. Ltd.
    • Trade name: Komorebi Insight
    • Registration number: 0313399086
    •  Main contact info: +84 28 6679 9350
    •  Main Email Info: contact@komorebi-insight.com
    •  Organization address: Toong 126 Minh Khai, Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Envisioned, created, and built in

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      I allow this organization to contact me should they have announcements of new items, offerings or promotions

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