Smart Interactive Tourism

    • Komorebi for Attraction Operators and Tourism Authorities

    • With Komorebi you can provide an unparalled experience to your visitors, allowing you to


      and increase satisfaction of your visitors

    • Komorebi Smart Interactive Tourism solution has been designed to support:

      • Tourism promotion authorities
      • Attraction operators
      • Amusement parks
      • National parks
      • Tourist parks
      • Museum operators, galleries and visitor centers (view details)
    • Komorebi comes with plenty of features that support the following needs

      • Information on tourist attractions and story telling
      • Multiple languages support and auto translate features to more than 100 languages
      • Automatically generated audio guides to dozens of languages
      • Elegant builder for interactive content on all items
      • Rich multimedia, including video, audio, images in variety of formats and layouts (including 360, 3D, etc.), maps, enriched texts, interactive sight & floor plans
      • QR generation for quick engagement via historical markers and outdoors plaques
      • Sponsors information and interaction
      • Dashboards and tools for analysis and information collection from visitors
      • General announcements, and alerts on any item
      • Visitors messages and issues handling
      • Visitors preferred communication channels
      • Visitors social feeds; Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Zalo, Pinterest; LinkedIn
      • Surveys and questionnaires support
      • and more...
    • Komorebi is a cloud solution and the following steps are used in real-time to deliver this content, receive insights and potentially for followup and communication, depending on visitors actions and behaviour.

    • 1. Build

    • Organizqations use a web portal through which they provides information and content about sights, locations or museum artefacts of interest. The system also allows bringing content from various sources, such as desktop, websites, Facebook, YouTube etc. The information can be read by scanning the QR code embedded on historical markers, building plaques or artefacts signs. We work closely with you on the most effective way to embed these codes on your sights and artefacts.

    • 2. Present

    • Your visitors scan codes and or navigate the app and be exposed to a rich experience while visiting a sight to digitally interact with and get encompassing information valuable to them. By scanning, your visitors receives the information in their preferred language directly on their smartphones, and without the need to download an app. In addition they will receive your announcements or alerts in their preferred communication channel.

    • 3. Analyze

    • Information and details about your visitors is collected via a variety of means, be it via scans, surveys, and actions they take via the app. If needed additional demographics and other pieces of information can be collected are analyzed and be viewed and managed in the back office of the your organization.

    • 4. Communicate

    • As a result, a direct two-way relationships is created between your organization and your visitors. This enables you to engage them by sending important alerts and announcements, and so on. On the other end, visitors can provide feedback, report issues or send you messages in an easy way, and receive targeted updates or offers applicable only to them.

    • The system is easy and convenient to operate and requires no technical knowledge.

    • How is it different from a travel guide book?

      Travel guide book have been the best companions for travelers and specifically solo travellers for quite a few decades. However, they mostly useful on trip planning and information provided on sights is pretty limited and in many cases outdated.

    • How is it different from a travel guide website?

      While doable, it is a pretty cumbersome experience for visitors to start and search for information on website when they are visiting or in front of a sight. The fact is that travel guide websites are excellent for planning a trip while at home but notoriously lack in information on sights while on the ground.

      Komorebi is designed to provide the best experience to your audiences while they are on the move between sights of interest. Finding information on various sights and locations is just a scan away. You can change any content anytime and in real time while having the ability to communicate with your visitors at the same time. Specifically for international tourists your information will be displayed in your own language. You can provide content in your chosen languages or let our app handle this for you.

    • How is it different from a travel app?

      Travel apps are useful companions but can also be quite nagging. Most travel app provide little valuable information on sights and scenes but quite a lot information on travel arrangements. There are also way too many of them...

    • Do people scan?

      Excellent question! Scan rates depends on the nature of the sight and whether a clear call-to-action is effective or not. If visitors feel there is something for them to gain (e.g. staying updated, quick access to desire information, a learning experience, and so forth).

      In addition, QR has been very popular specifically in East and South East Asia and continues to gain popularity in the Western world as well. Nowadays, all leading devices and apps providing an embedded QR reader which makes it readily available to users.

    • Are notifications I sent through Komorebi personalized?

      Absolutely! But you don't need to worry about lists as Komorebi does it all for you. The audience behaviour and actions will decide on which list they will be added and Komorebi manages all of it in the background.

    • Have any questions for us?

      Login in through the menu, press the red plus and provide us with feedback and queries. We will answer you and also add them to the list.

    • Komorebi has different packages depending of the nature of your business.

    • clear
    • KOMOREBI (木漏れ日) is a Japanese word which meaning is “the light that filters through the trees”. It was chosen for its meaning and as it is easily pronounced in most languages. It sits nicely with the spirit of the product which aims to bring insights to organizations on one hand and consumers on the other.

    • Komorebi is developed by Wedidit Solutions Ltd., which was established in 2015 to help provide communications channels between organizations and their audience.

    • Organization name: Wedidit Solutions Co. Ltd.
    • Trade name: Komorebi Insight
    • Registration number: 0313399086
    •  Main contact info: +84 28 6679 9350
    •  Main Email Info:
    •  Organization address: Toong 126 Minh Khai, Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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