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    • Komorebi bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. This 2-way phygital communication and CRM platform provides organizations with the ability to add a digital dimension to physical items around us. Komorebi serves to enrich such items with diverse content and open up a brand new channel for 2-way communication and intelligence collection.


    • With Komorebi you can


      and increase the loyalty of your audience

    • With our phygital solutions you are 
      bringing digital to your physical items!


    • Build a CRM and understanding of your geographical presence

      Activate with word-of-mouth

      Provide information to visitors

      Run events and stay connected!

      Create forums and allow mutual engagement

    • Komorebi is a cloud solution and the following steps are used in real-time to deliver content to consumers, receive insights and potentially for followup and communication, depending on audience actions and behaviour.

    • 1. Build

    • Customers use a web portal through which they provides information and content about products, sights and locations. The system also allows bringing content from various sources, such as desktop, websites, Facebook, YouTube etc. The information can be read by scanning the QR code embedded on a product package, a building or sight sign, etc.

    • 2. Present

    • Consumers can scan the code when they are interested in getting more information about an item. When in stores in front of the shelf and later, e.g. at home after the purchase. When on location then information about the sight, exhibit or event. By scanning, consumers receive the information provided by the organization directly to their smartphones (without the need to download an application) and in their own language.

    • 3. Analyze

    • Information and details about consumers demographics, scan locations, shareability purchases, and others are analyzed and can be viewed and managed through their account on our portal.

    • 4. Communicate

    • As a result, a direct two-way relationships is created between the organization and their consumers. This enables organizations to engage their consumers by sending notifications about future events, promotions, product launches, etc. On the other hand, consumers can provide feedback, report issues or send requests in an easy way, receive updates or offers applicable only to them.

    • The system is easy and convenient to operate and requires no technical knowledge.

    • Build a CRM and understanding of your geographical presence

    • The longer the codes are on a package the more information is exposed to your potential consumers and the better insights are gathered. Over time a database is being built with information on who bought your products, what characterizes them, what their issues and concerns are, and even where they bought your product! Whether it is in a store you know about or one you didn't! You can also understand where your products are not selling!

    • Activate with word-of-mouth

    • Codes could be printed for off and on-site campaigns and attached to products. With potential instant rewards such as additional gifts, points, and others, consumers can be mobilized to share the scanned item information with their community. Powerful information can create a word-of-mouth effect to promote your product through social networks.

    • Provide information to visitors

    • There are many reasons people may look for information when they travel. Artifacts, sights, locations or any other item can be tagged and with the right call-to-action audience can be mobilized to scan them and be provided with information relevant to them.

    • Run events and stay connected!

    • Events are a great opportunity for networking and connectivity. Tickets, locations and even booths can be tagged, providing an easy way to be kept up-to-date and informed and allow people to stay connected with the organizing entity.

    • Create forums and allow mutual engagement

    • Organizations can provide their members with ability to communicate with each another in a discrete way through their usage of Komorebi. Komorebi therefore acts as a central point where members add themselves and be able to follow, be followed and be in touch with other members.

    • Komorebi has been built to fit in with your brand value chain, with various functionalities that are incorporated to support your marketing program, customer mindset understanding and market performance improvement.

    • Anbooks social books!

    • Anbooks is a publisher that provides content beyond the book being bought in store. Anbooks shares and alerts readers on additional relevant content available online and offline as well of events that are related to the books, be it a business event in the context of a business book or reading time event for a children book.

    • Qui Phuc

    • Qui Phuc produces furnitures and provides warranties to their consumer base through Komorebi. This allows them also to understand their target customers better and to provide follow up and trade-in deals to their buyers and understand their supply chain better.

    • Ao Dai Festival

    • The event organizers used Komorebi to provide an up-to-date information and important notifications on the event through a code attached to the ticket. Ticket recipients, once the code was scanned could opt to receive updates before and throughout the event, potentially even post event if they choose to.

    • My Linh

    • My Linh is a Vietnamese Diva that uses Komorebi to connect with all the people who bought her original CD or Vinyl and join a selected members' club. My Linh provides discounts to her shows to those people and is able to exclusively share with them private recording and messages.

    • Ruou Phu Le

    • Ruou Phu Le is a Vietnamese spirits brand. Ruou Phu Le used Komorebi for on-site product activation campaign during a trade show, where consumers who scanned the code were awarded with instant prizes.

    • How is it different from a website?

    • Although many items have a QR code attached to them, in most cases this QR code leads to the website and not to a specific item itself. Komorebi is designed to provide the best experience to consumers while they seek information on the specific item they are looking at.

    • Can't you just Google for information?

    • Of course you can! However, in many cases your audience may have little time to browse through websites till they find the information they seek (if at all!). With Komorebi you can provide your audience with all the information they need, at the right time, and at the right place. Last, websites are mostly designed for people while they sit in front of their desktops or laptops where they mostly have plenty of time. Komorebi is designed for a mobile experience with a focus on how short people's attention span is while on the move.

    • Do people scan?

    • Excellent question! Scan rates depends on the nature of the item and whether the call-to-action is effective or not. Some of our customers achieved a scan rate of 30% or more and some 15%. Some items with no call-to-action have received about 3%. 

    • Why would people scan?

    • There are many reasons people may look for information whether it is basic or extended. Products, artifacts, sights, locations or any other item can be tagged and with the right call-to-action audience can be mobilized to scan them and be provided with information relevant to them.

    • Do notifications I sent through Komorebi personalized?

    • Absolutely! But you don't need to worry about lists as Komorebi does it all for you. The audience behaviour and actions will decide on which list they will be added and Komorebi manages all of it in the background.

    • Have any questions for us?

    • Login in through the menu, press the red plus and provide us with feedback and queries. We will answer you and also add them to the list.

    • KOMOREBI (木漏れ日) is a Japanese word which meaning is “the light that filters through the trees”. It was chosen for its meaning and as it is easily pronounced in most languages. It sits nicely with the spirit of the product which aims to bring insights to organizations on one hand and consumers on the other.

    • Komorebi is developed by Wedidit Solutions Ltd., which was established in 2015 to help provide communications channels between organizations and their audience.

    • Organization name: Wedidit Solutions Co. Ltd.
    • Trade name: Komorebi Insight
    • Registration number: 0313399086
    •  Main contact info: +84 28 6679 9350
    •  Main Email Info: contact@komorebi-insight.com
    •  Organization address: Toong 126 Minh Khai, Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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