Komorebi delivers you an unparalleled shopping experience in stores and post-purchase services you deserve

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Tired of irrelevant ads and lack of information?

With Komorebi, businesses can provide you with just what you need. Bringing to you essential details you should know and customer service you deserve, all with no hustle.

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Know what you should know

Komorebi brings different content all to life with interactive media in your own language

Recipes & cooking instruction videos of your food
Warranties & Manuals for your electronics
Dosage & Health tips for your medicines
Beauty guides for your cosmetics
Certificates for safety and quality


Get what you should get

Komorebi allows companies to deliver to you your well-deserved promotions, customer support, loyalty and warranty programs

Suggestion and reporting issues

Say what you should say

You can also use social media to voice your needs and concerns to companies via Komorebi without all the hassle of phone calls or emails

In short, Komorebi empowers you to

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Seek information about a product and company
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Evaluate the authenticity of product and company
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Ensure the company is held accountable and responsible
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Rate the product, company and even the information presented
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Share product information with your relatives, or friends
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Have the chance to win rewards and join in loyalty programs
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What do you need to use Komorebi?

All you need is a QR scanning ability on your phone. Most QR scanning apps would be able to recognize and launch our product pages, including Google Chrome, iOS 11 camera and popular communication apps such as Facebook, Viber, WeChat and Zalo

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